Using the power of creativity to motivate urgent, collective action on climate change
Potential Energy Coalition, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that harnesses the best marketing tools and most experienced marketers to motivate urgent, collective action on climate change. Through a targeted portfolio of advocacy campaigns, we aim to educate the U.S. public about climate change and mobilize people to take action.  

Our mission is simple, and we’re putting the full force of the creative industry behind it: to rapidly accelerate active support for clean energy as a cultural norm.

Donate:60 is a student-organized nationwide campaign asking valedictorians and class leaders to donate 60 seconds of their commencement speech to take a pledge on the issues that matter most to their generation  safety from gun violence, action on climate change, and equality across race, gender and sexual orientation. This is a rallying cry to galvanize students leading up to the November elections.

The campaign is led by students for students. Potential Energy is providing the tools and expertise to amplify their voices to the world. To date, valedictorians and student leaders from over 110 cities have signed up to take the pledge at commencement.

Key nonprofit partners include Alliance for Climate Education, The Brady Campaign, and Women’s March Youth EMPOWER. Donate:60 marketing partners include Lippincott on strategy, Digitas on web and social, Barton F. Graf, Droga5 and 
m ss ng p eces on creative, and Zenith on media.

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